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Pilot Governing Council


The election to determine the parent representatives for the Pilot Governing Council will occur next Thursday @ 8.30am in the MPR.  


The council is comrised of PRCS administrators, teachers and parents who colloborate in overseeing the following:

  • Categorical Budgets

  • School Plan

  • Instructional Enrichment

  • Calendar


There are equal numbers of staff members and parents on the Governance Council.  The staff is balanced by grade level (academies) and it is our goal that parents will be as well.  Additionally one parent needs to represent the ELAC.  This means that their child speaks a language in addition to English at home.  It is our goal to have parents in all categories to ensure that all grade levels are represented.  We ask for a commitment of once a month, after school, normally on Thursday.


Prior to voting, we ask all candiates to give an introduction.


The Pilot Governing Council will include the following representatives:



Admin & Teacher Representatives

K-2 Academy                   Mrs. Cindy Pineda

3-5 Academy                   Mrs. Megan Wamsley

MS Academy                   Mrs. Azita Amighi

Principal                           Ms. Mary Melvin

USTA Rep                        Mr. Jason Mustard

Classified Rep                  Ms. Ann Richards

Parent Representatives

Esther Swanston

Stephanie Yu

Poopak Fariborz

Summer Shami

Christina Chung

Melissa Cuevas

Alternate:  Theresa Subburathinam

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