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 LACMA Ancient World and Maya World Mobile Unit will be visiting PRCS the week of November 30th.        Mr. Mustard  arranged for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Ancient World and Maya World Mobile  classroom to come to PRCS. Video above gives a nice intro to the program.


Academic Achievement Celebrated


Congratulations to our MS students who achieved academic excellence this first reporting period.

8th Grade Gold

8th Grade Gold

8th Grade Silver

8th Grade Silver

8th Grade Bronze

8th Grade Bronze

7th Grade Gold

7th Grade Gold

7th Grade Silver

7th Grade Silver

Spring 2014, 7th Grade Bronze

Spring 2014, 7th Grade Bronze

Progress Reports Released

Posted September 15


Our first progress report card was mailed out Friday, September 12. Due to the new MISIS system, the report cards are in a new format and a few mistakes were made. This includes the omission of both the music class and counselor, Amy Almany from the report card. We have notified the MISIS system and they are working to remedy this situation. The progress report is not an official report card it is to document your child’s progress to date. It gives you an opportunity to discuss your child’s grades and plan for improvement or reinforcement of the work they are already doing. The new format has the following comments:


Work Habits:

· E=Excellent

· S=Satisfactory

· U=Unsatisfactory


Academic Marks:

A. Superior Performance

B. Strong Performance

C. Satisfactory Performance

D. Needs to Improve

F. Failing and not making progress

M. Meets Standards

N. No Mark (Usually due to changed class)



8th Grade Culmination Requirements


  • Pass ALL classes in the 8th grade year (Earn no Fails on the Final Fall and Spring report cards)

    • *If a student receives a “Fail” in the Fall semester, it can be made up by receiving a “C” or better in the Spring Semester in the same course


  • Earn no more than 2 U’s in Work Habits on the Final Spring Report Card


  • Earn no more than 1 U in Cooperation on the Final Spring Report Card


  • Have no serious disciplinary action against him or her (such as suspension, excessive discipline referrals, excessive violations of school policies) throughout the entire school year




Of Interest


MS Counselor's New Office Hours


Monday 8:30-1:30pm

Tuesday 8:30-1:30pm

Thursday 8:30-1:30pm



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