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This year we would like to extend the option to pay in 3 installments via personal checks as follows:

Register online by going to the school website and clicking on GIFT NOW button and select the “Pay by Check” option.  Follow the instructions indicated except instead of including one check for payment in full you will include three checks.  Please divide your donation into three equal payments.  Include three checks each dated one month apart with the first check dated the day of the online registration and the final check dated no later than November 30, 2017.  

Example: A parent donates $750 online on 9/1/17

Insert the confirmation email received and three checks totaling $750 into an envelope as follows:

  • Check #1 dated 9/1/17 for $250.

  • Check #2 dated 10/1/17 for $250.

  • Check #3 dated 11/1/17 for $250.

Drop off the envelope with the confirmation email and three checks to the school’s main office as soon as possible.


Please make checks payable to:  Friends of PRCS

School Address: 12450 Mason Avenue, Porter Ranch, CA 91326



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